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Randal B. Klein, P.E., C.Q.M.
1713 N. Sweetwater Lane
Farmington, Utah   84025
(801) 451-7872

Randal Klein is a licensed civil engineer, certified quality manager, 6 Sigma green belt, and project management instructor with 30 years of consulting and management experience.  His career includes many examples of preparing detailed technical proposals and cost estimates; designing and implementing project plans; supervising technical staff members and younger project managers; leading multi-company teams; meeting quality objectives; improving the efficiency of business operations; and managing his own companies.


  • requirements analysis
  • final scoping and costing
  • subcontract versus in-house labor decisions
  • contract and subcontract review (with legal support if necessary)
  • communications and managing work in progress
  • project controls (quality, schedule, budget)
  • minimizing change orders and delays
  • project closeout issues


  • identifying and correcting deficiencies
  • root cause analysis, developing and tracking corrective actions
  • quality policies and procedures, continuous improvement
  • risk-based graded approach to quality
  • electronic and hardcopy documents, records, organization and protection
  • regulatory compliance (codes, health and safety, environmental)


  • increasing the efficiency of business processes
  • identifying organizational constraints and conflicts, then controlling the process by which they are satisfactorily resolved
  • ensuring managers have or obtain necessary knowledge and skills
  • knowledge management; nothing should be lost when turnover occurs
  • employee recruiting, job descriptions, performance standards, training, reviews, accountability, retention, hiring from the outside or promoting from within
  • reducing resource allocation conflicts
  • conducting effective meetings in the minimum amount of time


  • projecting cash flow and line of credit requirements
  • financial software, analyzing profitability, discerning trends in data
  • tracking and managing overhead, general and administrative costs
  • when to invest in training and equipment
  • staying on the right side of the IRS and state governments
  • pay scales, bonuses, non-cash compensation, flexible work environment
  • enforceable non-competition agreements
  • shopping for medical and dental insurance, other benefits, retirement plans
  • business insurance (workers comp, auto, general, products and completed operations)
  • when to use accountants and attorneys
  • deciding whether to organize by departments, projects, or both
  • gaining efficiency through computer literacy (plus WORD, EXCEL training)
  • effective written and verbal communication


Business, Program, and Project Management

For the past 20 years, primary responsibilities have been:  identifying business opportunities; assembling teams; managing complex technical and cost proposal efforts; predicting cash flow and obtaining financing; accounting; contracting; subcontracting; managing projects and programs, quality assurance, human resources, and benefits; maintaining company insurances; hiring and working with company tax accountants and attorneys; and mentoring staff members.

Developed and directed operations for 3 profitable small businesses in Utah.  Managed programs, from customer identification and proposals through negotiating and subcontracting, to project execution, reporting, and invoicing.  Also provided proposal, cost estimating, technical writing, computer, and management expertise to assist other corporate business development and project management teams.

Managed the Salt Lake City environmental engineering department for a national consulting firm.  Customers, company employees, and subcontractors were located across the US and in Portugal.  Worked closely with customers to scope, negotiate, and accomplish departmental projects.  Supervised project managers and scientists and tracked their progress for quality, schedule, budget, adherence to contract requirements, and customer satisfaction.

As a newly-hired program manager, Conoco was a major customer of my employer, with an aggregate revenue of several million dollars per year from multiple work locations.  Conoco was not satisfied with progress or accumulating costs.  I quickly realized the company had no written task orders from the Conoco project manager, who on many sites was changing project strategy on a monthly basis.  I convinced our executive vice president to stop all work without specific regulatory drivers until work orders were prepared and signed.  This created short-term stress, but within several months conditions had greatly improved.  For this company, I also prepared a seminar on financial aspects of project management, and trained project managers at various locations around the western United States.

Training and Consulting:  Project Management and Quality Assurance

Augmented curriculum and taught project management for Weber State University (credit course).  Developed and instructed a project management curriculum for the University of Utah’s professional education department, providing training to mixed audiences and to specific organizations with discussions targeted to each organization’s needs.  Provided project management training to customers of the University of Wisconsin (both in person and via webinars).  Developed a project management web-based short course that is re-sold by the University of Wisconsin and two commercial providers.  Trained project managers across the US in management skills and use of corporate accounting systems for a major environmental consulting firm; for this program, developed the training module addressing “Financial Aspects of Project Management.”

Developed a quality assurance program and established project management systems for a transporter of radioactive wastes in Utah.  Developed a quality assurance program for a team of environmental scientists providing on-site services at a US Army facility in Wisconsin.  Developed a 500-item quality checklist for implementing a remedial action at Tooele Army Depot, Utah.  Improved project management and tracking systems for a Utah consulting business.  Evaluated waste management and operations and quality assurance at Los Alamos National Laboratory and presented recommendations to waste management supervisors in a workshop format.


UEC has received large internal benefits from having you support us.  Your advice and gentle reminders have encouraged me as the president to implement much better project management and tracking systems, increase the organization and safety of our electronic recordkeeping system, and tighten somewhat our contractual relationships with clients.  I feel the overall result is lower risk to UEC as a company and enhanced services to our clients.  Thanks so much for all that you have brought to UEC.  I will undoubtedly continue to use your services for many years to come.  L. Earl Underwood, President, Underwood Environmental, Utah

I appreciated that you were careful to work with our managers so that our future documents would accurately reflect conditions at LANL, and would not encumber us with unworkable procedures. Your recommendations for helping us achieve compliance with various DOE orders were on target and completed in a timely fashion.  Thank you for the high quality services you provided to us and your general attitude of providing customer oriented products to your clients.  Stanley Zygmunt, Los Alamos National Laboratory

We were faced with the formidable task of creating a coherent team using seven subcontractors from around the country.  Your expertise was extremely helpful in the following areas:

  • acting as a watchdog to ensure the various team members communicated with one another in an effective manner;
  • helping us clarify and refine our strategies for project approach and implementation;
  • applying your significant project management abilities to strengthen the messages we were attempting to express in our written, verbal, and visual deliverables (content and format);
  • supplying valuable technical writing and editing support;
  • ensuring that budgets and schedules were workable and presented in an easily understood format; and
  • producing the complicated electronic submittal to the legislature.  Michael R. Phillips, President, Innovations in Education

Your course material and lectures on project management will benefit many of our managers in the audience, especially those not previously exposed to the many concepts, practices, and discipline required for project success.  I am particularly impressed with your effort to go beyond the regular text material after the first class to focus on audience interest in conducting your second session. Your extra effort and preparation for the second half of the course showed a genuine commitment on your part to provide a beneficial learning experience to the class, beyond what your contract may require.  Hin-Man Tong, VP, Support Engineering, Evans & Sutherland

Randy,  I met with Mike Richardson and he is just overjoyed with your teaching….  He may wish to contract with you for follow-up work after the next session.  Thanks for helping us extend our reputation for quality.  Anne Peterson, Executive Director, Career and Organization Education, University of Utah (regarding project management training for the Utah Dept. of Workforce Services)

I wanted to reach out and say a big heartfelt THANK YOU for your time and guidance today….You have set the bar high for other future mentors.  I really enjoyed and benefited from the several helpful emails and attachments and suggestions you sent me even before our first scheduled call.  I am glad I was very targeted at my request for Quickbooks guidance, but I am even more glad that you went over and above in also covering my questions about:  Expenses; In-depth discussion about Schedule C; Cash vs Accrual accounting; Tips and suggestions about contract versus employee classification….I also want to thank you for you professionalism and patience.  I never felt that you were an expert talking down to me or mocking my absolute accounting ignorance.  You listened carefully to my questions and concerns and gave me answers back in digestible bites.  Joe Staiano, Founder, Meaningful Trips, LLC

I believe more significant, however, was your integrity in discussing the project’s technical issues with me, which resulted in greatly reducing the cost of services provided by Streamline Consulting, based on using previously-existing information to the fullest extent possible.  While many consultants are interested in change orders to increase the scope of their services, your concerns were meeting the customer’s schedule at the lowest possible cost.  Ronald K. Gaynor, Environmental Consultant

I wanted to express my appreciation to you for your willingness to provide expertise and insight in the areas of project management, strategic planning, and quality assurance.  We have found that your consulting advice has been especially valuable in the areas of:  setting priorities, … tracking time spent on tasks for fine tuning future estimates, … developing project management procedures that make sense for our organization.  Richard Anderson, Director, Utah Dept. of Human Services


1992 (current)                  Professional Engineer, State of Utah

1998 (current)                  Certified Quality Manager, American Society for Quality

2017                                   6 Sigma Green Belt, VMEdu

Various Dates                   Project Management Instructor
                                          University of Wisconsin Cont. Ed.
                                          University of Utah Prof. Ed.
                                          Weber State University

1978                                   BS Engineering, magna cum laude
                                         University of Michigan

1982                                   MS Soil Science
                                         Utah State University

EXPERIENCE (since reaching management level positions)

2000 (ongoing)                 Cirrus Consulting, LLC
                                         Managing Member

1999 (ongoing)                 Streamline Consulting, LLC

1997 – 1999                      Maxim Technologies
                                         Program Manager

1995 – 1997                      R&A Technical Services
                                         Program Manager

1993 – 1995                      Parsons Engineering Science
                                         Department Manager